The Survival Kit to Google Display Ad Sizes

After setting up your creative and captivating ads campaign, what’s next? Don’t get overwhelmed by the pile of Google ads you’ve planned and over-skipped all the minor but crucial factors for your ads campaign – Google Display Ad Sizes!

The Google Display Network is undoubtedly the largest out there, reaching over 90% of the Internet worldwide. Helping companies like yours to reach people with targeted Display Ads while they’re browsing their favourite websites, checking their Gmail, or using mobile phones and apps. Being part of the Google community, we all have to understand the rules behind it.

The digital world is changing so as the image sizes for Google Display Ad. Ever wonder the Google Display Ad Sizes are as intriguing as finding your perfect half?

But no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s to the guide of Google Display Ads Sizes that the image you can use!

  1. Top 5 Google Ads Size

Here’s summarized the top 5 popular Ads Sizes you’ve happened to come across on the internet:

    • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
      • This is the most widely used Google Ads size.
      • If you’re a starter to ads campaign, this is an excellent place to start
      • ✅Most compatible with: Animated, non-animated, and HTML5 ads
      • ⭐Key features: Usually in-text embedded, caught reader’s attention, less intrusive than the bigger size

    • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
      • Also a favourite option for a large range of sites and publishers
      • Touch wider with bigger size than a medium rectangle (300 x 250)
      • ✅Most compatible with: Animated, non-animated, and HTML5 ads
      • ⭐Key features: In-text embedded, more eye-catching

    • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
      • Appear usually on the top of your published site
      • If you want your ads to be the first thing viewers see, there you go!
      • Advice from Google: this type should always be put at the top of content or on a forum-style site.
      • ✅Most compatible with: Animated, non-animated, and HTML5 ads
      • ⭐Key features: Predominantly at the top of the site

    • Large Skyscraper / Half Page (300 x 600)
      • Does not really cover the “half-page” of the site like the name suggested
      • Advice from Google: Currently the fastest-growing ad sizes by impressions since it standouts with its imagery effect
      • ✅Most compatible with: Animated, non-animated, and HTML5 ads
      • ⭐Key features: Usually appear on the side of the site; Display against the copy and imagery; Better shot at giving an eye to the ads and getting a click

    • Larger mobile banner (320 x 100)
      • A great choice for mobile devices with a less intrusive version of the medium rectangle ads
      • ✅Most compatible with: Animated, non-animated, and HTML5 ads
      • ⭐Key features: Fit comfortably in the screen without adding too many extras; Smaller and fit everywhere


2. Other Google Ads Sizes

    • The above mentioned the top 5 most popular ads sizes but there are more sizes!
    • There are a lot more sizes than you could imagine, here highlighted a few popular and common ones most companies will use
    • More available in the infographic attached

     3. How to Decide which Google Ads Size should you use?

    • As of May 2020, there are more than 10 different sizes Google has offered
      • Frankly speaking, statistics have pointed us to the Medium Rectangle size (300 x 250) and Leaderboard size (728 x 90)
      • But…there’s never a one-size-fits-all size for the digital marketer and to your display ads campaign
    • Consider the most popular Google Ads Size mentioned above
    • Consider your Ad Campaign format

     4. Any more rules on Google Ads Size?

    • Any file sizes larger than 150 KB will be rejected by Google
    • The final product must be saved in JPEG, SWF, PNG, or GIF formats

     5. Few tips before you go ahead:

    • Every ad sizes have its own functions and uniqueness
    • Understanding your own Ads campaign/ Display marketing campaign
      • Target people with what they’re interested in
      • People are impulsive, ads help to capture and raise their awareness during their buying cycle!
    • Test the ads campaign
    • The ads size is essential, but the design and the content are too → need to optimize the campaign based on the top-performing ad creative
    • Make your ads more memorable
    • Remember to plan ahead and be patient! Display network changes need 24 hours to apply and may not show it right away!

Know more by downloading this cheatsheet: Click Here

Blog by Danielle Cheung

Date: Jan 05 2021


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