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StockViva x Round Media

The value of social media and the Internet is evergrowing. We want the most updated information, we want to know what others are thinking, we want an instant reply. It is about speed and accuracy. StockViva has it all.

Why should you pick StockViva?

Being the only financial KOL (Key Opinion Leader) platform in Hong Kong, StockViva had the power in keeping 380,000 users active with frequent interaction. The instant reply on professional investment advice from financial KOL creates great value for users and it is the biggest reasons for high engagement rate in the app. StockViva is a concentrated hub for investors, and which, is where all your potential customers are. Your advertisement on the app could be easily delivered to your target audience effortlessly.
StockViva could help your product and service shape a professional image and branding. As StockViva is admitted to Cyberport and Plug & Play incubation program and awarded with numerous Fintech awards, it gives users great confidence in how the app would help them with investments strategies. You could totally take advantage of the nature of the platform and include it in your marketing and branding strategy.

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Securities Clients


We are here to support you to attract potential customers to open and active their account in your company. We are also able to help you drag customers to your investment workshops and other offline activities. We provide a wide range of digital marketing support to boost your turnover rate.

How do we manage it

We would fully utilize eye-catching space available in StockViva app and web version to maximize the impact of your advertisement. While we create splash banners and top banners on the mobile app to ensure customers see the ad, we secure banner ads in web version.
Coming up, we are going to launch the native content sponsorship package. You would be able to make contents on both StockViva’s app and Facebook page. This extends your reach to potential customers on mass social media and increases the exposure to StockViva’s committed users.


We are proud to tell you that we are able to achieve a CTR as high as 2.5%. The impressive CTR supports our clients in generating over 7,000,000 transaction amount through our advertisement. We are also able to help our clients in attracting over 300 participants for their workshop. And there around 10% of the participants are willing to sign up for account opening for follow up. We assure you that our marketing efforts will satisfy your need for boosting your business. Let us tackle the struggle you are having.

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